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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fawcett March Success at London

On 19th November, a group of students from the Exeter Gender Equality Society joined the Fawcett Society and many other feminist and women’s groups such as ladies from UNISON and the Green Party’s women, to march in protest to the government cuts which disproportionately affect women.  The march, with its 1950s housewife “Don’t Turn Back Time on Equality” theme, started at Temple tube.  Approximately 2,500 women, children and men marched through the streets in London with probably just as many onlookers!  The march finished with a rousing rally at King Charles Street where inspiring woman spoke out against the cuts.  Speakers included Anna Bird, the chief director of the Fawcett Society; NUS Women’s Officer, Estelle Hart; journalist, Tanya Gold; comedians, Kate Smurthwaithe and Josie Long; and the CEO of the Women's Resource Centre, Vivienne Hayes.  Those who could not make it to London hosted their own ‘Don’t Turn Back Time’ tea parties. Here are some pictures from the day:

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