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Monday, 26 March 2012

One day to go until Empowering Women Day!

There’s only one more day to go until the Empowering Women Day at Exeter University!

A hard-working team of volunteers have been very busy preparing a wonderful day for you all.  Almost 2000 leaflets have been distributed all over campus and town including door-to-do, notices have been put up on online forums, A0 posters up on campus, emails sent out, Facebook event sign ups, announcements made at other events, shops putting our fliers up in their windows.  Stalls are being set up for the exhibition, staging’s going up for the play, performers are on their way …  all that’s left now is for you to come along and enjoy the events!

Please sign up to the events on Facebook!

Empowering Women Day ‘Seven’ play:!/events/149808505142505/

Exhibition stalls and workshops include:

-          Devon Rape Crisis Services
-          Devon and Cornwall Police
-          Labour Students
-          Liberal Democrat Society
-          SAFE (Stop Abuse For Everyone)
-          Yoga workshops with Sonia Rashid (come in loose clothing)
-          Ubuntu Counselling Services
-          County Chiro with Rachael Dunn
-          Meet your local councillors
-          LGBTQ+
-          Gender Equality Society
-          Jumble sale (bring your jumble to sell on the day)!
-          Send a card to a girl or women you love in your life
-          Poets’ corner (read out your favourite empowering poem or listen to our competition winners)
-          Musicians’ corner (perform a piece or join in an impromptu playalong – bring your own instruments or try one of the ones provided)!
-          Shiatsu workshop with Sandhya Dave
-          Reproductive Health stall
-          Pick up leaflets which could save your life about female cancers
-          Buy one of our ‘muff-in-cakes’!
-          Soapbox invite (open for all to use the microphone to talk to women about women)
-          Global Indigo
-          Tell us what you love about women
-          Learn about why feminism is still a necessary force in 2012 all over the globe

Then at 7.30pm we have the fantastic play ‘Seven’ being performed to help enthuse and empower all those women who feel the odds are stacked against them.  £5 entry on the door.

Here are some of our favourite moments from the organisational stages...

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