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Friday, 18 May 2012

Sexual Violence Prevention Workshop Success

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the Sexual Violence Prevention Workshop on Wednesday 16th March.   An extra special thank you to the professionals who contributed to leading the workshop and offered us their expertise including:
  • Fee Scott, Service Coordinator of Devon Rape Crisis Services
  • Beverley Weston, Community Safety Sergeant for Exeter
  • Sarah Bloor, Police Community Support Officer for Exeter University and surrounding areas
  • Marie Wall, Detective Sergeant for Sexual Offences
  • Emma Payne, Vice President Welfare and Community for University of Exeter Students’ Guild
Workshop content

The workshop began with an introduction from Fee and Beverley about sexual violence prevention and how their services fit into that.  They provided us with some video material that we might be able to use as part of a university campaign.  Having put up flip chart pages with posters and leaflets attached that had been produced by the police, attendees were able to evaluate these and reflect on what might be needed for a future campaign. We also brainstormed other strategies that might be useful in sexual violence prevention on campus and discussed how we could target these.  Finally Emma was able to use the opportunity to present the proposed branding for an upcoming Guild safety campaign and what else we might want to include as part of this campaign.

Moving forward

Following the workshop, it was decided that the correct posters and leaflets targeted at the right people could be a very effective method of drawing attention to the issue. We are working on getting permission to use some posters (some of which are already up on campus).  We also looked at less conventional modes of publicity such as LED torches and beer mats, and screening campaign videos before films shown to students.  The importance of highlighting sexual offences other than rape was also brought up and it was agreed that non-rape sexual assaults and sexual harassment had been neglected.  They were also identified as issues that affected a much greater number of students, many of whom may not even be aware of the illegality of such behaviour.  The new Guild safety campaign will be an umbrella to a section which will include sexual violence prevention and the police and rape crisis services are now working with the Guild to help coordinate future campaigns.

A questionnaire will be going out to all students shortly so we can ensure maximum consultation.  If you would like to receive the minutes from the workshop and/or any of the materials used, please email me, Alexa Sage, at

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