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Monday, 13 August 2012

Fundraising success for Devon Rape Crisis Services

Well done to everyone involved in this year’s gender equality events in particular to those who were involved with Empowering Women Day and Reclaim the Night.  The money raised from these events made a combined total of :
* * * £280.89 * * *
which is an absolutely fantastic figure.  Donations will be going to Devon Rape Crisis Services, our one rape crisis centre for Devon which reopened for the first time last year after more than a decade! Whilst it is a shame that the need for such a service still exists, the work that the people at Devon RCS do vital to helping give women the support and empowerment they need to overcome the physical, emotional and psychological effects of sexual abuse and rape.  Devon RCS and Exeter University Students’ Guild have formed a wonderful relationship over the last year in which we have worked to support each other with the common objective of eliminating gender inequality for women and men and for every gender in between. We are very proud to be the first official donators to Devon RCS and hope that it may continue for as long as the service is needed.

If you have been moved by the work of Devon RCS and were not able to contribute during the gender equality events of the last year, please feel free to offer your donation directly through their website:  And remember that money is not the only way you can help.  You can offer your help as a volunteer.  You can publicise the work of Devon RCS by word of mouth, by hosting an event, through social media so people know about the service. And don’t be afraid to use it yourself if need be.  If you choose to come forward about anything, you will be believed and you will be supported.  But most importantly, show the world through your words and actions that sexual violence is a form of gender inequality and that all forms of gender inequality are wrong.

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