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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Be the 2012-2013 Gender Equality Representative! University Guild nominations for election are now open!

If you would like to run for a position in the University of Exeter Students’ Guild and represent around 15,000 students, then nominate yourself today here:

Posts include:

-          RAG officers and posts (chair, secretary etc.)
-          Community Action officers
-          Guild representatives (race, disability, gender etc.)
-          Guild officers (elections, environment etc.)
-          Societies executives (e.g. campaigns societies, societies officer)
-          Guild councillors
-          NUS delegates

The post I currently hold and was elected to is the Gender Equality Representative post.  This is a key post within the Guild since you are responsible for ensuring equality of all the sexes you represent from women to trans people to men to intergender people to queer people, regardless of age, race, educational level etc.

Here is the full job description!

Gender Equality Rep

The Gender Equality Rep is responsible for making sure that students of any gender are equally represented by the Guild.

Student Representatives
Accountable to:
Guild Council, General Meeting, Referendum, Equality and Diversity Committee
Term of Office:
12 months; commencing June
Time commitment
2 to 3 hours per week including meetings and office hours
Job Description holder
Vice President Welfare and Community
Purpose of the Role:
The Gender Equality Representative is responsible for ensuring that the Students' Guild remains gender neutral in all of its activities and to represent students that feel that the University's activities are not providing equality for any gender.
Duties and Responsibilities:
·         To encourage and assist the Guild in promoting a fair and safe society across all campuses and activities.
·         To lead and/or assist with campaigning on relevant gender equality issues with the Equality and Diversity Officer.
·         To raise issues with regards to gender equality at Guild and University meetings as necessary, liaising with students to find out more about these issues.
·         To attend the AGM with proxy votes or give proxy to a Sabbatical Officer.
Duties as a Guild Representative:
·         To find out what their constituents think, to represent these views and to act to ensure the success of the Guild;
·         To find out the views of their constituent group.
·         To represent these views.
·         To campaign.
·         To fulfil any democratic mandates.
·         To ensure the successful running of their responsibilities as defined in their job description.
·         To work to ensure the success of the Guild.

Remember this is a voluntary position, and unlike being a sabbatical officer, the role is carried out alongside your studies.  Fortunately getting elected for this post is a LOT less scary than campaigning for a sabbatical role!  If you want any help, tips or advice, please email me at and to whoever wins, I look forward to doing the handover with you in June!  Best of luck!

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