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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Empowering Women Day exhibition at the Great Hall on 27th March … your chance to get involved!

On Tuesday 27th March 2012 from 12pm-6pm, Exeter University Guild will be hosting an ‘Empowering Women Day’ exhibition at the Great Hall on Streatham Campus, University of Exeter.  This will be a day devoted to showcasing all the groups, services and organisations both inside and outside the university in the Exeter community that are available to women.  Women students and members of the public will be able to come to learn about all the opportunities available to them and discover a world of all things womanly from how to use a speculum for self-examination of the cervix to looking at consultation papers in the government to what a she-pee is!  This is going to be a very large event and will need lots of wonderful volunteers to help out both in organisation in the run up to the event and coordinators for on the day.  If you would like to involved, please email  In particular we are after: volunteers to work on media relations, volunteers who can help design publicity materials, volunteers to marshal on the day, bakers for our ‘muff-in-cakes’, decorators and generally helpful, good-willed people!  The event is open to both men and women but obviously the focus will be on empowering women.  I hope as many of you will come along to support and enjoy the event even if you do not wish to get involved behind the scenes.  Alternatively you can email if you would like to host a stall at the event and I will send you the relevant form to fill out to confirm your attendance.

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